She’s Into You: 7 Signs She’s Ready To Become Your Booty Call!


“Read her expressions, they say it all”

Most men suffer from the inability to detect when women are ready to become their booty call. Some men hesitate, thinking that they might be mistaking a friendly gesture for an open invitation to make the move. Some men do not even know how to approach attractive women, and they easily fall prey to scam booty call websites. There are many on the internet. For example: For, people have a mixed feedback, so it’s hard to tell if ihookup is any good. But, with the genuine reviews on, you can find out whether is a legit site or not. The idea here is to not fall for the scam sites and find real women to initiate a one night stand relationship. Also, It is in the nature of women to let men take the first step, to allow them to initiate, to suggest what they ardently want yet cannot come out with it. Understanding the signs that she’s ready to be your booty call is very important if you want to have her. You’ll have a great chance to have the best women if you can detect and act on the signs they leave you. The seven signs below are not exhaustive, but they offer insights on what to look for when you want to make a booty call.

1. She Can’t Just Stop Staring at You


“She keeps looking into your eyes, as if she is searching for some answers”

No matter her position, whether she is at a restaurant or a coffee shop, or merely looking at an item in the mall, you’ll know she is offering you a chance the moment she looks at you and holds eye contact. Check if her pupils dilate, if they become wider, you can be sure you’ll walk away with her number. The pupils become wide when someone is under the spell of an attraction; the oxytocin is released, which is a natural response to the attraction. Women will keep glancing your way, becoming aware of your presence when they are interested in you. They’ll throw furtive glances, or take long gazes when you’re not directly looking at them. But you’ll recognize a good signal when she can’t just take her eyes off you.

2. How Close Does She Allow Herself to You?


“She tries to come close to you, whenever she gets a chance”

Women are very particular about maintaining distance, especially if they are not attracted to someone. You’ll know that she wants you if she stays at a kissable distance. Does she pull herself further away when you get closer, or does she turn her eyes closer to listen to you? A woman who feels comfortable with you will allow herself to stay too close to be kissed or held. The way she places her items like handbags will always help you know whether she wants you or not. If these items are placed in your way, you’ll know she doesn’t want you.

3. How Well Does She Reflect You?

Mirroring is one of the common signs that will tell you whether she’s ready for you or not. You’ll be able to feel a certain connection, or she will create the sense of there being that connection from the way she mirrors you with words and actions. This is one of the signs to look for especially in a dance hall. You’ll feel this connection from the harmony that gets into your dance moves. If you feel awkward or cannot dance harmoniously with you, then you can bet she’ll be looking for a next dance partner. Pay attention to women you interact with in dance halls.

4. She Is Eager to Know What You Think about Her

Women who want to find out what you think about them are those who are interested in you. She may not ask you directly if you’re into her, but she wants to feel comfortable that you like her in return. Some women will overtly display sensuous parts of their body hoping to get a compliment from you. It is important to know when a woman wants to know your feelings and to act appropriately especially if you want her to be your booty.

5. She Engages You in Conversation


“She loves to talk to you”

If she’s into you, she’ll want to talk with you for long, she’ll want to know more about you, and she’ll want to feel that you’re comfortable talking to her as well. She will not give you short, single word responses, but will give detailed responses and will ask you questions in return. If her responses are short, you may want to look more seriously into her. You may not have what she is looking for.

6. She Spends Time on You

Spending time with you is not something she’ll do physically. She will want to be with you, and will communicate well with you. She accepts, even suggests having dinner together or coffee. She will stalk you on Facebook, check your activities and comment on your posts. She will find time to send you a text message, saying “hello.” It may seem very simple, but it is her way of getting your attention.

7. She Starts Wanting You All to Herself

Some women really get hurt when you start sharing your attention with others. They want to feel that you are all theirs and they want people around to notice it. She’ll interrupt you when you are talking to another person. This kind of attitude can also be disguised in acts like touching your phone or some other personal items. It could mean that she feels very comfortable that your personal space doesn’t frighten her.

There are many other signs that women exhibit when they’re ready for your booty call. If you cannot detect and act on these signs, you’ll certainly be wasting time on scam booty call websites. Whether you’re interacting with women on a physical level or on chat rooms, you can know whether they are into you or not from the way they flirt with you. Women who are into you will spend time with you. People who fall prey to scam booty call websites are those who do not have the eye to see the subtle signals that women can send. If you’re really into a woman, you’ll notice these signs as you’ll become more observant of her.

Although these signs can let you know when a woman is ready to be your booty, they could also mean something else. You’ll be more certain of what to expect if you can detect a combination of these signs in the same woman. You can proactively relate to a woman in a way that will make her reveal what she wants without much difficulty.

It is the rule of thumb that men should take the first step; however, there are instances where it is absolutely important to know when the woman wants the man to make the move. Seizing the opportunity when it comes can change a lot of things. If you’re tired of scam booty call websites, then it is time you step out of your comfort zone and learn how women behave when they have an attraction for someone. You should also learn those ways to make yourself attractive and desirable. If you do not take care of yourself, and do not display any charm, you’ll hardly get noticed by women as well. If you start noticing that a woman is into you, it is wise not to neglect or ignore her. Women can really get hurt when they feel like they are not valued or noticed, especially by the person they are hoping will show them a little attention. If you are mindful of these signs, you’ll develop great chances of getting on with the best women out there.

Tips To Capturing The Best Shots Using Your Smartphone

Professional photographers are not the only individuals that can capture a million words in a shot, armatures with the correct devices and a little bit of assistance can do the same. Since the Smartphone has been equipped with a very reliable camera, people only need some tips on how to capture better photos. The following are some tips that would facilitate this:

Clean the Lens

Phones are repeatedly handled while being placed in the pocket and the hand bags. This increases the chances that the lens will be covered in dirt and oils. It is sensible to clean such froth from the lens before taking photos.

Steady the Shot

No Smartphone comes with a tripod to assist when one is taking photos. Keeping the shot steady is hence a challenge, and one that can be overcome. It is advisable to lessen any body movements when taking the photo or simple lean against a solid object.

Top tips for professional

Top tips for professional

Make Light a Friend

Natural light is the best for taking photos; however, artificial light is an alternative when natural light is absent. In either case, light is essential. Most phones today come with a flash which can be used in the daytime to remove some shadows and are a necessity in the night time.

Trying Different Angles

When nothing can be done about the lighting such as in the case of sunlight, it is advisable to opt for a different angle of taking the shot. In any case where you can take more than one shot, it is advisable to take several as some may come out blurry.

Increase the Resolution

If the Smartphone has a selection for picture sizes, the largest is the apt choice. In general, the bigger the shot, the more details are captured. This is particularly factual when editing shots later and desiring for them to remain crisp and clear.

Keep Away from Optical Zoom

Digital zoom is a selling factor for these devices but an awful factor when used to take photos. It ruins some of the best shots; rather move closer to your subject to take the shot.

Explore Specialty Shooting Modes

There are different modes of capturing shots while using a Smartphone camera. For instance, small subjects may require you to set the camera on Macro mode. This setting should be changed when you are trying to take shots of landscapes. In general, it is prudent to be acquiescent with the different modes in your Smartphone.

Share your best photo taken

Share your best photo taken

Work with Apps

When all the photos taken do not meet your expectations, it is sensible to works with a different App. Most phones offer a wide array of camera Apps to suit your need. Most offer options that are likely to fit in with your liking.

These tips can be used by anyone with a Smartphone to capture best shots possible. They are overly propped by the growing number of people with these phones and the manufacturers’ endeavors to perfect the cameras in their products.

Sex for Beginners: You Too Can Make It Steamy

Sex for the beginner is oftentimes scary. If you’re a man, it puts a pressure on how well you can perform in bed and satisfy your partner. If you’re a woman, it puts pressure on well you know to respond to your partner. If you are having sex for the first time and your partner is somebody you care about, you want your first sex to be just right, if not perfect.

Here are some ways you can get your sex right the first time.

  • Research a little. Information on sex is widely available even on magazines and especially the internet. Giving yourself time to find out how you can satisfy your partner will do you good. Some information you should be getting are: the different sensual parts of the body and how to stimulate them, where and when to start fondling and how to make your partner respond to you.

  • Master the fine art of seduction. Woman need to seduce a man just as man does to a woman. In fact, seduction must be two way. Sometimes seduction can make or break your partner’s interest for sex that comes after. Be careful that you don’t use foul words when doing your seduction. You sure don’t want to give the wrong impression that you’re only in for some dirty sex.

  • Foreplay. When you’re having sex for the first time, it’s possible that you want to get down to it right away. Don’t! Remember what they say “easy come, easy go”; your sex might just be over in no time and both of you won’t have enough of the experience to appreciate. Be patient, play a little. This is the part where you begin to explore each other’s body in a phase that is both comfortable to both of you. This part is just as enjoyable as the consummation itself, so take your sweet time.

  • Be sensitive to your partner’s needs in bed. This refers to the satisfaction of your partner. Unfortunately not all men are keen on this. Sex shouldn’t just be one way. If you’re good enough to take care of your partner in bed, you can expect the same to be done to you. Surely, you don’t want this experience to be your first and last. Then be good partner.

great feeling when you're

great feeling when you’re

To have an enjoyable sex for the first time, try not to expect too much. If you care enough for your partner, be open that he or she may not be as good as how you expect them in bed. What you want is to have a lasting sexual and satisfying relationship with your partner. That can only happen when both of you are comfortable with each other. As your comfort level in bed grows, so is your sex communication. When that happens, you can expect your sex life to be very exciting in the days to come.

If your sex life is starting

If your sex life is starting

The Best 3 Self-Helped Books That Actually Helped Me

Self-help books always sell themselves — they easily come flying off bookshelves in your local bookstores. I wonder sometimes if there’s really a majority of people who, as you might think, neurotic that they need to always self-help themselves – and if yes, from what? I’ve read in an article lately that if you go into a workstation of a person you know and you find lots of motivational quotes hanging by their wall, it’s a clear sign that they could be, you guess right, neurotic! Psychologists explain that these people need to always keep themselves in the right perspective, or that the quotes compel them to stay calm and keep calm. Good then! It’s not that bad, the study says. These people are the type that you can rely on, as they like to always keep things “together”. Whew! What a relief for me!

If you’re a fan of motivational books you’ll believe me then when I say that they challenge your perspective, expand your creative idea that has probably been in hiatus. Isn’t it that each and every book you read, gives you that sense of great encouragement and urgency to always start anew? It’s not just a good read – it’s a wonderful and worthwhile read all the time!

I’d like to share with you now my all-time favorite top 3 self-help books that really changed my life:

14 Ways To Make Your Tomorrow Better (by H. Norman Wright) – Bordering on spiritual and motivational, this book explains our natural tendencies in failing to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes. This book helps uncover the deepest feelings of regret in our lives that may be causing our failure to really move forward and live a life of cheerfulness and trust that there is still a beautiful life out there waiting for us.

Self Help Books Self Help Book

Self Help Books Self Help Book

How To Stop Worrying and Start Living (by Dale Carnegie) – I grew up with this book lying around my dad’s bedside table. I never knew Dale Carnegie by something else except for the formation schools named after him. They say this book is a great resource. I thought, since this was authored so long ago that it might be a boring read. I was terribly wrong. I have learned so much from this book than any other books put together based on the same topic. I realized that if I’ve only read this book years ago, I would have saved myself years of stress from worrying.

The Science of Getting Rich (by Wallace D. Wattles) – Are you familiar with the book “The Secret”? This book was the book that catapulted the author’s sudden passion to spread the truth on The Law of Attraction. This book says that the science of getting rich is exact: that if you are to follow a “certain way” then like a mathematical equation or formula, the result will be exact, and that you will become rich. If you haven’t read this yet you’d probably think it’s formula is like a get-rich scheme, after all the book is advocating you and me to desire to get rich. You’ll be glad to know that the formula that is asked of us to follow is:

Search inside this book

Search inside this book

  • To believe that the universe fills our need with unlimited supply of resources and that this supply comes from a divine source that wants us to experience richness

  • To have a fixed purpose in life that is beneficial to mankind so that we will always give more than what we receive in return

  • To always express gratitude for the things we receive and things that we are yet to receive

Catch some ZZZ’s: Health Advantages for Hitting the Sack

Text message chimes in and your phone screen lights up. Or perhaps you’re staring blankly at the ceiling and you’re thinking about your work demands. You feel frustrated and you just feel that you have to get your of bed and ignore the fact that a good night’s sleep is essential.

This scene sounds familiar, right? You’re not alone because in fact, roughly 40 million American people suffer the same fate as you are. Millions of people are just getting 6 or fewer hours of sleep each night. Our modern society has dictated that it’s ok to shorten our sleeping hours. Here are examples of things that we do that hurt our sleep cycle:

  • We use alarm clocks to cut our sleep short.

  • We work in shifts.

  • We work more and sleep less.

  • We skip sleeping because we cram for an important exam.

of reasons to hit the sack

of reasons to hit the sack

Sleep promotes memory retention

Sleep is important and it’s not just a rest period for our body. In fact, when we are sleeping, our brain is able to perform different functions that are essential for our health. Let’s compare the brain’s function when you’re sleeping to an ordinary computer.

When you’re awake, you experience and learn new things. These things are stored in the RAM memory. At night, these data are taken and stored to the hard disk. During deep hibernation, the computer will perform disk defragmentation like organizing data, sorting and building connections. Overnight, the RAM is clear and ready for new data. Once the computer wakes up, the computer will reboot. So if the process is interrupted or there is not enough sleep, the entire process is slowed down or your brain becomes confused. So now, you understand why you keep forgetting when you don’t have enough sleep.

Sleep allows the neural networks in the brain to re-organize. At day, we store new memories and we learn new things. We associate new ideas with the old and we try to figure things out. Our brain is full of cluttered ideas that need to be integrated with the old things we have already learned. Sleep deprivation interrupts the brain’s neural activities and we end up with just short-term unprocessed memories!

Sleeps Promotes Long Life

Although people still debate about the secret of living longer, there’s no doubt that having a good night’s sleep can help people live longer. There are many studies that can prove that sleep promotes long life.

In a study done by Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, they found out that Japanese people with the healthiest sleep habits have the best lifestyle. Japan is known for its longevity. The study also revealed that participants who have less hours of sleep suffered obesity, poor mental health and unhealthy diet.

Poor sleep and chronic fatigues is linked to higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that is linked to aging. Greater obesity is also connected to poor sleep. Obesity is also linked to higher risk for diseases and untimely death.

Sleep Improves Over-all Performance

Do you often feel like the day is never enough? You want to accomplish all you work so you end up cutting your sleeping hours. We all do this and the next day, we end up cranky and exhausted.

New studies reveal that sleep improves physical performance. Here’s what these studies reveal:

In a survey done by the Better Sleep Month, it was revealed that participants who enjoy 9 hours of sleep or more are able to engage in high-intensity workouts. 70% of people that get the recommended hours of sleep perform at their best.

In a small study, five members of a woman’s tennis team, were instructed to extend their sleeping hours for up to 10 hours a night for six weeks. The study concluded that the female athletes performed better in sprinting and hitting accuracy. The study was small but it proved that a good night’s sleep benefits performance.

Ok, I better hit the sack.

Ok, I better hit the sack.

A good night’s sleep makes you alert and less prone to work errors. Did you know that $63.2 Billion are lost in productivity because of a worker’s sleeplessness? It is also estimated that 100,000 of car crashes are caused by a drowsy driver. 1,550 deaths are linked each year to drowsiness.

Sleep gives us the needed power to survive and a good night’s sleep can indeed bring many health benefits. So don’t skip hours and sleep like a baby each night!

Valuable Tips And Points To Ponder For Best Investment Ideas For 2013

For beginner investors, the thought of parting with money for investment options can be quite a daunting task, bordering on scary at times. But once you have been enlightened with top investment ideas suitable for beginners, the investment process gets somewhat easier. The following is an assortment of investment ideas that are suitable for enabling beginners to make money. You should however know the strategies and fundamental principles behind these investment ideas before you venture in any one of them. You also should bear in mind that you need not invest in all these ideas in order to achieve success. Consider picking one or two that you will be willing to not only learn but stick with as well. The investment ideas include:

Real Estate

If you are seeking an investment that is well protected then real estate should be an ideal choice for you. This is a thriving sector regardless of whether you are in a developed nation or not. It is a flourishing and excellent investment.

Here are some solid points to

Here are some solid points to


Making investments in gold is always a good idea to ponder on and venture into, whether in the form of bars or jewelry. Unlike the vast array of investment options already in place, gold’s value is always on the rise even as the value of the dollar keeps depreciating.


Compared to other investment modes, forex trading is the one that yields the best returns, and can be started up with minimal capital. With a sound strategy, you can possibly make a considerable sum of money when engaging in the trade.


Insurance is a necessity for many who are intent in making sure they will be well taken care of in times of emergency or when they retire of old age. It is for this reason that insurance becomes a lucrative venture since it is a popular necessity.

Your company’s 401k

Many companies offer their retiring employees plans such as the ‘safe harbor’. The safe harbor contribution programs is set up in such a way that the entire sum paid out by your company is entirely vested upon you; meaning that if you happened to opt for retirement or resignation from your job, the funds are guaranteed to remain in your name.

Treasury Bonds

The fact that treasury bonds are issued by the government makes them a safe investment. You can purchase treasury bonds for as meager an amount as $1000 each that will end up yielding returns of over 5% upon maturity.

Stock Market

The stock market would be an ideal choice if you happen to be one of those who enjoy some bit of excitement while raking in some returns at the same time. All you should do is some basic research regarding the involved risks when stock trading so that you don’t end up loosing much money if the stocks you have picked plummet.

 investment ideas for 2013

investment ideas for 2013

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a simpler approach to investment since all you need to do is make a choice regarding the type of fund that appeals to you then directing them to the manager of your funds so that he or she does the rest.